Market Backdrop:

  • Charity hospital waiting rooms can be incredibly busy. Staff morale is low, leading to key staff members leaving, and there are more patients than you have scope to treat, leading to poor customer service and lower donations.
  • Rehoming an animal is an expensive undertaking for a charity and so, having a rehomed animal returned to the kennel / the cattery drives up unnecessary costs. It means that the charity cannot help as many pets as it could do.


How can Vetfone’s core service help:

  • By using our service as a “first port of call” for pet owners that are eligible for charitable veterinary treatment, we can reduce the number of unnecessary visits to your hospital by up to 66%, whilst still providing a high quality service to the pet owner that calls. The hospital is less chaotic leading to better staff retention and a reduced cost per animal “helped”, meaning the charity can increase the number of pets is supports.
  • Through providing post-rehoming support, we reduce “return to kennel” rates by up to 40%. This makes the service self funding. This ongoing support is valued by rehomers who, in turn, may become future donors.



“RSPCA have worked with Vetfone for 6 years now, and we believe their emergency service for concerned pet owners , is on of the best developments in recent years to counter the fear many have of rising veterinary costs. The performance data provided shows the service is efficient, effective and of benefit to both animal and owner alike” Samantha Horvath, Trading, Licensing and E-Commerce Head – RSPCA


Other ways we can help:

  • Out of Hours triage



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