So, you didn’t know Bobby was sick?

In most cases the first time you are made aware of a claim is when the claim form arrives on your desk!  When this happens, pets like Bobby have already been seen by a vet, often out of hours, diagnosed and treated. Most owners are happy because their pets are well and of course they have pet insurance to cover the costs.

However, there could be an opportunity for you to control claim costs by asking the pet owner to speak to one of our nurses before they visit the vet to establish:

  • Does the pet need to see the vet?
  • And if so, how quickly?



"vetfone have proved to be an important partner for RSA. The service they provide is a perfect complement to the peace of mind that our customers buy pet insurance for. In addition to the excellent service our customers receive the enthusiasm in supporting our business goals with insight, ideas and networking opportunities is an extra, unexpected and welcome benefit."  Jane Foster, Pet Insurance Manager, RSA


The answer?

Well that’s where we come in.

Vetsdirect™ RCVS registered nurses triage/filter calls from pet owners 24 hours a day and over 40% of all calls are dealt with by advice only. This definitely means less out of hours call outs, fewer visits to the vets and most importantly for you, the potential to reduce claim frequency and costs.

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By guiding your pet owners to call vetfone first you will be providing them with a quality service and expert advice that will meet their needs and reduce your claims.

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In addition, vetsdirect systems capture all data on the presenting signs and feedback to you early enough in the process for you to be informed.

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Call us now on 0333 332 1871 or email so we can become your experts asking the questions to reduce your claims!




We provide quality care and cost efficient services that in turn will help you provide expert support, regardless of the time of day.
CALL US NOW ON 0333 332 1871  or email

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